Suppression and De-Duplication


Sift through your list and send the right message to the right customer. When you simply don’t want certain customer segments to be included in a mailing or special promotion, you need to suppress them from your mailing. has the experience and tools to take your customer lists and remove them from any new promotional mailings, saving you the additional postal costs and making sure you don’t promote the wrong message to your existing customer base.


Failing to eliminate duplicates from your mailings can be costly. Are you sending multiple copies to the same recipients because of unintended duplicates in your database? Our duplication removal process can eliminate wasteful bloat in your marketing spend.

In the current environment where you need to make every penny of your marketing budget work as hard as possible to generate sales, it does not make sense to be sending out duplicate mailings to your existing customers and prospects.

De-duplicate your database to maximize your marketing spend’s Data Enhancement Solutions can right-size your list by removing duplicates. Many duplicates are hard to spot, but our data scientists know how to query and compare to find hidden duplicates. Every duplicate removed is wasteful spending gone and improves your bottom line.

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